Content developers were still playing the hot pursuit mode against the ever changing dynamics of global SEO, when Google launched its Pigeon update on July 24-2014, and left them falling further behind. The new update was all about stressing the importance of local SEO, changing the parameters of online recognition.

Sounds too geeky?

Accepting the Change — What’s Local SEO

Where Global SEO had its relevance built around a worldwide significance, local SEO became all about implementing strategies in relevance to a geographic location. This helped the users to get more refined results of their queries pertaining to the geographic location from where it was addressed — specificity levels increased and so did the fulfillment criteria of users’ actual needs. Google was no more lending credibility to the services of a business located in Canada queried against the needs of customer situated in Florida.

But was this update necessary?

Is local SEO so important for the businesses to change their entire online strategy?

Want to Buy Apples But Oranges is All We Can See

Local SEO is important because people want to buy what they have set the budget for. Our wants are specific, our needs are internalized and as such people would rather prefer the option that suits their needs — filtering the extra lumps in the way. If a customer is travelling to Ohio, looking for hotels to stay; he is not interested in what service awaits for him in Texas. Local SEO helps promote a local business.

According to MDG advertising, 59 percent of consumers are using Google to make a local search daily. And local businesses which fail to optimize their content and marketing strategies accordingly happens to miss out on them.

Google’s Interest in the Subject
Pigeon is thought to be first of the many updates that would stress on the importance of local searches and rank the businesses accordingly. It seems determined to improve users’ experience and businesses failing to adapt are finding themselves brushed aside by the online competition, as Google pushes them to the depths of ranking. Local SEO has become all too important to please the Google gurus.

Higher Leads and Higher Purchases
According to comScore, a company quantifying consumer behavior, 82 percent of the local searches immediately result in a lead, with customer either personally visiting the local business onsite or subscribing to their lead system. And it’s not the leads which increase through local SEO, but the purchases as well. Search Engine Watch claims that 61 percent of local searches result in a purchase.

These consumer trends are hard to ignore for they surely indicate towards the profitable growth of a business, local SEO might bring them.

SEO techniques were already thought to be the main driving wheels of a business. The introduction of local SEO may initially seem a brake on the thriving journey, but if analyzed and implemented correctly its inception is only meant to promote and strengthen local businesses. Organizations appear to be avoiding it for now; unaware of the fact that it is not a strategy to be ignored, but a chase they should join!  Don’t get left in the dust, let UpDog create a Local SEO strategy for you.

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