Execution without strategy is always bound to fail and when you are talking about digital marketing – a paradigm with limitless scope, dispersed over the geo-transcending bits of internet — strategy becomes even more significant. Most businesses have an online presence; unfortunately not even half of them have a digital marketing strategy constituted in. Probably, they remain unconvinced.

Here are a few reasons that make digital marketing strategy a crucial element of business success today.

No Sense of Direction

Without a well defined digital marketing strategy, the online direction of a business lurks in a jungle of randomness. No established set of goals lead to undefined key performance indicators, which leaves the entire online presence impotent.

Efforts Are Not Streamlined

When you don’t have a well defined digital marketing strategy; the synergy in an organization can be found lacking. Staff does not have a clear set of individual and collective objectives and the situation becomes all too entropic rather than productive.

You May Know Your Customers But You Won’t Understand Them

Knowing the search demographics is one thing but making something out of those statistics is completely different. You may come to know your customers without a digital marketing strategy but without a plan, you cannot channel this knowledge into something productive — the ultimate aim of every business.

You Will Fall Behind Your Competitors

With no digital marketing strategy, it is not about you “may” fall behind your competitors; in fact you “will” fall behind your competitors. Sooner or later everyone needs a coherent approach to achieve their goals and if you don’t act now you will be playing catch-up later.

Your Growth is Being Restricted

With no digital marketing strategy, the failure to understand your target market leads to stagnancy. Sales decline and the growth inhibits.

Your Business Success is Vague

With no digital marketing strategy you don’t have a set of KPIs and as such you are unable to gauge the success of your business leaving you in complete oblivion.

Brand Establishment Becomes Difficult

Digital marketing strategy helps you in not only building your brand but also working on the uniqueness of your brand. This is simply because market dynamics are translated better into productive workings with a digital marketing strategy.

Waste of Resources

The resources which digital activities need in terms of time and money, are put to waste without a digital marketing strategy as the organization have no idea what they want to achieve. Organizations could find themselves focusing on objectives that play minimum role in their growth.

Your Business Lacks Flexibility and Adaptability

Without digital marketing strategy, organizations fail to adapt with the changing dynamics of the world of internet — leaving them vulnerable to the tides of evolution. Optimization becomes impossible for the business lacks basic understanding of how to flexibly work around the dynamics in a quest to achieve their objectives.

You Are Failing to Build Trust Among Your Customers

A well defined digital marketing strategy works on establishing two way effective communications with your customers. You may end up acquiring a consumer base with your digital activities but to actually retain it and help them feel more than just mere clicking puppets — you need a digital marketing strategy.


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