Every business faces the same question: how are they going to get the word out to customers!

Customers are essential to every business: they are the reason why businesses shine, flourish or diminish. Imagine you are launching a new product, entering a new market or shifting your premise to a new location – what happens to your customers? Can you still supply the demand for your product? How are you going to reach the customers?

Getting the Word out there via Google My Business

Google My Business, an interactive tool which not only connects businesses with people everyday but also allows you to stay on top of customer ratings.

Help your business shine with Google My Business – Updating your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ makes life easier for customers wishing to get in touch, no matter, where you are.

Google My Business Benefits

Add photos, make your business look beautiful. Identify USPs, post pictures online. Arrange for a virtual tour. Show them your business interior. Share news, events and major update. Help customers know the right info with just a click. Get good reviews and stand-out above the rest!

Google My Business provides business with a robust, online feature-rich listing completely free. Clients and customers can find your opening and closing hours, address and contact info right at the top. You can view user statistics and searches that direct them to your page.

Three essential factors that influence rankings on local search results: relevance, prominence and distance. Relevance is about how your business listing matches the user’s search items. An accurate and comprehensive listing would enable Google to match and search you easily.

Google+ Local

When a Google search relates to a local intent such as ‘dentist California’ or ‘skiing Alaska’, like to 5 Google+ Local pages will show up. The local business listings in Google appear due to three reasons:

  1. They have contact numbers and address provided
  2. They are provided with a direct location on the map
  3. They are normally located above search results.

How to Add Your Business to Google+ Local

Adding your business to Google+ Local or to claim ownership of an existing one, just go to https://google.com/business/and sign in.

Once you’ve signed in, add your business’ primary phone and click ‘Find Business Information’. If Google doesn’t already have details for your business, you’ll be redirected to a form where you’ll enter the basic information about your business. Make sure you have a read through their guidelines and policies particularly regarding the name and address. Refrain from using your taglines in the business name field. A good practice is to use a phone number that matches your local area code.

Your business address should be accurate. Submitting a virtual or a shared office as your business address will eventually result in your listing to be removed. If you don’t wish to allow customers or clients to visit, then remember to un-tick ‘Yes, this business serves customers at their locations’ under the ‘Service Areas and Location Settings’ field.

After submission, a postcard shall arrive at your office address containing further instructions for validation purposes.

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