Are you not attracting enough customers to your website? Are your sales really low and you don’t know what to do to increase them?

The best method you can use to remedy these situations which are also correct effective is to launch some digital marketing strategies to help you win buyers in no time.

Online marketing includes several aspects that must be operated according to the needs of your company. Each of these areas allows communication with unique features to attract and retain customers. Check out below some of the fields of digital marketing that you can invest to increase your sales!

A recent study by marketing research agency Ascend2 shows that there are Five main strategies that will give excellent results to promote your business online and increase your customer base and sales.

Keep an Updated Website

The web is the gateway to your business. Usually, the first contact with the client is virtual and your website plays a fundamental role as the source of establishing trust and credibility. Thus, it is extremely vital to clarify the scope of your company’s services and products on offer in addition to basic contact info such as telephone, email, address and customer service hours.

In today’s world, smartphones and other portable devices play a significant role connecting people to information. Hence, it is essential to think of a suitable design allowing for access through mobile as well.

Attract Followers on Social Networking Sites

There are endless benefits to maintaining presence on social networks and the popularity of these sites has changed the way consumer relate and connect with businesses and brands. People want an experience with your brand, and social networks are an ideal channel for this to happen.

Facebook for example, is an ideal medium to create a business page so that you can engage with your customers for free. Consider investing in sponsored ads on the social network extending your reach to a greater audience. At present, Facebook is the largest social network and boasts almost more than 1 billion users worldwide.

Twitter has a different dynamic allowing messages of no more than 140 characters. It is often used as a medium to promote news and trending topics fast.

Besides these, there are many other social networks each with its own unique characteristics such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, Reddit, etc.

Strategize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is still one of the main forms of contact, both business and personal, and when combined with good shipping practices it can produce great results. One of the exclusives is that permission is required to submit your content to the recipient, so it ends up being your only communication with potential customers who have a genuine interest in your content and business.

Sending email marketing campaigns should be strategically planned so that there are no errors and lack of communication. It is imperative to follow good practice with compelling content.

Start SEO Positioning

You can improve your website to achieve a good ranking in search algorithms. SEO positioning is a technique that helps your website be among the top results in search engines. SEO positioning is very important because if your website appears on the top of the search results, it is more likely that person visits your site instead of watching the second one.

The SEO practice is free: it only implies the use of relevant keywords in your web content, targeting what is searched. There are also several factors that influence positioning, for example, the stability and navigability of the web, the percentage of casualties, data included in the HTML code on your website, among others.

SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate traffic to your website and attract more visitors who then become customers.

Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Using Adwords for example, you can place the ads that appear at the top right of the Google Sidebar. If your business is willing to pay enough for customer clicks, your business can easily reach the top positions in the ads.

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps your business through advertisements to reach specific audience that is looking for specific products or services. Your ads are only activated when the person looking for something specific.

So, are you ready to standout from the competition and differentiate yourself in the digital world?