In an increasingly digital world, does print marketing still have a place among digital marketing? The answer is yes! Your customers are just as unique as your business is, and they will find you in many different ways. But what avenue to choose? Maybe the answer for you is to do both print and digital marketing.

According to, “it appears that a multi-channel approach that leverages the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital will perform best.”

Print advertising is still important in the digital age.

Let’s say you have a new sales campaign coming up. How will you alert your customers? Some might find an advertisement in the local paper, while others will find it online. The best option is to do both. As marketing research shows, the average person needs to see something seven times for it to register. So let’s look at seven ways to make your message stick.

Digital marketing has an edge over print when it comes to analytics.

The first would be to create an ad with a call to action that can go online and in print media. While you may be somewhat limited as to where the print ad can go, digital advertising can be seen across platforms, and often for much less than print. Another bonus to digital advertising is that you can easily track how well your post performs.

Next, think of how you can promote your campaign at your business location, through banners and signs. Then branch out to promotional items, like pens and tumblers, which you can give to your customers when you attend local events – which is another great way to get your message out.

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Finally, let’s get social. Besides spreading your campaign details through word of mouth, spread it digitally, on your website and social media pages. Let your followers do some of the work for you, by liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts.

Social media allows for your advertising and posts to go viral and reach a huge number of people.

The mix of digital and print marketing is an incredibly powerful way to bring your message to the masses, and UpDog has the resources to do both forms for you. From designing your ad, to printing your banners and promotional items, to managing your social media, UpDog does it all! Remember, while digital marketing takes many different forms, so too does print marketing, and UpDog is here to help you decide which format will suit your marketing campaigns best.

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