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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Ever since the tremendous success of social media communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, the world has wasted no time in following the giant strides of the internet. According to a recent study, over 62% of the world population uses the internet today, with a staggering 40% of this population active across various social media. With this kind of audience watching, why is your business not the center of attention?

Businesses from all over the world are continually making the plunge into the online world through social media, a strategy that puts your business within arms-length of prospective clients of all demography from different parts of the world.

Social Management Built for Small Businesses

We are huge fans of small scale enterprises at UpDog, and we have built custom social media management plans for our clients. Although the recent surge in the use of social media for businesses might seem overwhelming for a small scale business,
we have developed a series of social media management strategies and solutions perfect for your small business to thrive on in the sea of social media boom.

How do we achieve this?

Exceptional customer service and an eye for the details. Our company has used Updog for Website help and marketing materials. We highly recommend them.

Brian Pimm – Riverside Construction

Expert Social Media Strategy

Every social media strategy that we deploy comes from our many years of experience and expertise which has been tested across numerous industries. We are experts at making your social media a great addition to your business and online presence, and our strategies have never once failed us.

We’ll keep your Social Calendar Updated

When you leave your social media management to us, we make sure to keep your social calendar updated across all social media platforms. The key to keeping your social media alive is to create engaging content related to your niche; in this way, your audience can continuously interact with your brand.

Our strategies are designed to make your audience as comfortable with your brand as possible for a brand that people can interact with, is one that turns viewers into clients.

We’ll Deploy Smart Ad Campaign Management

According to a recent report, social media ads account for a sizeable majority of advertising done in 2018, and the numbers are projected to grow much higher before the end of 2019.

At UpDog, we understand the power of putting your business out there with smart, compelling ads, and we have packages for all types of business and are prepared to deploy them professionally to help your business grow. Our Facebook and Instagram ads strategy is unbeaten in the industry and will give you leverage over your competitors.

Spam and Customer Service Alerts

We will also take care of all spam related messages and handle customer service inquiries, and in this process, taking away the burden of tending to an overwhelming number of social media interaction.

Community Management and Strategic Outreach

At UpDog, one of our most reliable strategies is community management. By being an active part of our local community, we can keep our business in the minds of everyone in the community, and help our business grow stronger both in the online space and in our local community. We are experts at this and will help your business reach out to your community both online and offline through strategic outreach designed to attract everyone to the service you provide.

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