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Website Development

The internet accounts for up to 60% of businesses done today via the World Wide Web. With this resource, companies are rapidly expanding their focus areas and establishing themselves as high domain authority businesses and niche leaders. If your business does not own a website today, then you are behind the times and your business is not receiving the exposure it needs to get ahead of your competitors.  It’s a dog ear dog world out there and we are deeply committed to helping you to create a fully functional and responsive website, which will place your business on the pedestal of greatness whether you are a  start-up or have been business for many already. Our website design service will help you reach out to millions of customers from all over the world in just a matter of seconds.
You are interested in how we do this effortlessly?

Creation of Websites that Spur Immense Growth

It is our ultimate goal to ensure that your business enjoys the full benefits of the internet. We have worked closely with numerous companies over the years and have gathered more than enough experience in the various techniques that ease the navigation of the internet world.

Our website design service is perfect for helping you create a fully functional and interactive website that will help you connect with millions of people from all over the world. We build websites that increase your brand exposure and generates leads based on your target customer. With our website design service, you are perfectly positioned to reach new customers, grow your business, and experience unprecedented growth.

Creation of Highly Responsive Websites both on Web and Mobile Devices

The heavy use of mobile devices in the last decade has made it possible for the internet to reach far more people than earlier expected in the shortest period, which means more businesses and reach a far wider audience via the internet.

We will create a website that is highly responsive both in web and mobile devices, thereby giving prospective and returning clients the ease and comfort that will help them enjoy your services even better. A recent study has shown that by the last quarter of 2019, mobile traffic would have surpassed web traffic and a sizeable majority of internet users will connect with brands through their mobile devices more than ever With our website design, all your users will enjoy the best online experience while surfing through your websites and help position you as a niche leader.

I have tried other printing and web design companies before, but was never pleased. I never got what I asked for, I didn’t feel that those companies cared about me, I was only a number for them, and as a business owner myself, I’m all about the customer service. With Updog things changed, they payed so much attention to detail and put a lot of effort to deliver top quality work. They have been taking care of my company’s printing and web needs as well as some of my personal projects, UpDog is simply the best!

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We will Build Search Engine Optimized Websites that will Rank over your Competitors

In today’s world, Search Engine Optimization is essential to remain relevant in the online space. We will help you build a niche-leading website with a high domain authority with our expert knowledge in the field of Search Engine Optimization and leads conversion, and we will help you rank far higher than your competitors in the Google search engine. At UpDog, our search engine optimization strategy has been tested over a long period and is trusted by us and many of our esteemed clients who now dominate their niches on the internet. We will help you achieve increased visibility, higher ranking, and extensive exposure of your business to the swarm of internet users that scourge the Google search engine by the second.

We Don’t Just Build Websites; We offer Full-Scale Solutions for Your Business

We are not only in the business of building beautiful websites, but we are also about building websites that turn visitors into customer and offer the full online experience to push your business to the great heights.  A website should be the first investment for any business seeking to establish an online presence. Although this is the case, it is not the only criteria for a company to thrive in the online space.

We have a mission here at UpDog, and it is that our work is never done until your business becomes a threat to your competitors in the online space. We do this through the strategic deployment of a specific skill set in different fields of the internet including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, local search engine optimization, social media management, reputation management, email marketing, and some other useful tools to help your business rank higher your competitors every time. When it comes to online marketing for businesses, both small and large, we are prepared to give you the ultimate experience and take your business to new heights.

How Much Does it Cost to Design a Website?

Here at UpDog, we believe strongly in transparency, which is why all our pricing packages are publicly displayed on our website for our clients to choose. Although the prices may generally vary due to the specifics of each website that needs to be created, we ensure that we provide you with an overview of the costs of building one.

You can click here to explore all the exciting packages that we have outlined; it is needless to say that you are in for an enjoyable experience. We will build a highly responsive and functional website for your business at the best prices in the market at any given period. We are genuinely interested in seeing you become a part of this forward-thinking family and let UpDog help you Mark Your Territory online!

What do you Gain from Building a Professional Website

According to a recent study, up to 89% of businesses in the world, today own a website. So if you own a business, then you fall into two categories; you are either a part of the 89% that own a website or the remaining 11% that don’t.

UpDog thinks your businesses might stand a chance at thriving if it belongs to the 89% quota as opposed to the minimum 11%. Apart from establishing an online presence, building a professional website makes your clients take you more seriously and screams legitimacy. With a professionally developed and aesthetically- inspiring website, you will be able to attract more clients to your business, retain the existing ones and probably even charge as much as you’re worth without any drop in ratings or ranking.

Why Can’t You Build Your Own Website?

You can absolutely build your own website. Today, there are many DIY web builders available and while they seem pretty intuitive and user-friendly, you might be able to create a decent looking website, but the issue is positioning your business for greatness doesn’t just end with creating a website. Making sure that your website is visible and can be located by anyone on all search engines is as important as building the site itself.

At UpDog, we will not only build you a custom website built to your taste and business specifications, but we will also equally ensure that your website is seen by the relevant audience and very consistent on all search engines. Like earlier said, we’re more interested in offering full- scale solutions to all our clients.

Is a Professional Website the Right Move for your Business?

With a professionally designed website, no business can ever go wrong whether you’re a small or large scale enterprise or service provider. A professional website, for your small business, is even much better as it positions you right ahead of even larger enterprises as you can attract larger client demography.

Every website that we’ve designed at UpDog is viewed as an extension of our brand, which is why we ensure that websites are built with the same innovative approach that we have used in making our website.  A professional website opens the doors to incredible opportunities because, in today’s world, a sizeable majority of the people make decisions based on one influence of the internet or the other.

How to Get Started with your Website Design

We have made getting started with your website so easy that it begins with an easy phone call or live chat! Or, if you are already convinced and we have answered all your questions and you are ready to get started right away, you can choose your package and sign up online today!

We are prepared to combine our expertise in web design, search engine optimization and marketing, digital marketing, reputation management, social media management, copywriting and content marketing to help give your small business the face it deserves.
We are an active part of our community, Inland Empire, but we also the entire United States. We work perfectly in remote and on-site conditions and with UpDog at the helm of affairs; your business is in the best hands. We believe that when contact us to discuss your specific needs, our job has kick-started, and the project is never complete until we provide full-scale online solutions for your small business.

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